A Little Societal Evolution

– All great truths begin as blasphemies. – G. B. Shaw


At root, it is a question of ownership.

Taxation was conceived, born, and reared within the same family of evil to which slavery and conscription belong. The scourge of abject slavery exists today only outside the official sanction of governments. The depravity of conscription is available to the government of every country with an armed force with the exception of a very few in which it has been officially, if not irrevocably, abolished.

Taxation is in all things, in all places, at all times.** It is, like its cousins, nothing more or less than a method by which those in power use force of arms and threat of imprisonment to lay claim to some part of our lives. Though these oppressors and their allies are ubiquitous and innumerable, only those in government can be held culpable, for it is they who hold their guns at the heads of the people. It is only they, like croupiers at their roulette wheels, who are guaranteed profit from the game.

And so we must ask: Who owns a human life?

Our answer: The possessor and no other.

And with that primary before us, we must pursue our only moral choice: the abolition of all forms of taxation, that most ubiquitous and eternal of despotisms.



We will brook no duplicitous pretexts here. We will indulge neither subterfuge nor willful ignorance in defense of despotism by virtue of its putative practicality. Bound by these strictures, we posit these truths as self evident:

  1. Human life is the standard of all value. Human life has but one vessel: the individual human being.
  2. Each person owns his or her life and no other.
  3. Children/charges share control of their lives with their parents/guardians.
  4. “Society” is an equivocal conceptualization and as such is not imbued with rights, driven by desires, or burdened with needs. (Those who profess to speak on behalf of “society” speak for no one.)
  5. No person has, or can have, an obligation to society (see Principle #4.) No person has an obligation to anyone save those obligations they freely incur.
  6. Representation by a democratically elected congress is a founding principle of our democratic republic. In practice, true representation is elusive at best, and rarely more than a sham. The authority to tax and to transfer wealth from the general population to targeted groups of citizens essentially bestows upon every incumbent the means to purchase – and repurchase, and repurchase, insquequo dominatus – reelection. The targeted recipients of this stolen lucre carry with them to the poles a real or imagined personal financial stake in reelection, the incumbent’s general representative competence notwithstanding. This block of “bribed” voters is often large (e.g., unions) but need not be so to swing an election via donations, electioneering, and the ballot box.
  7. Election to government office does not imbue the elected with special knowledge, only special powers to enforce edicts which are usually funded by taxation. Thus does tyranny born in democratic process ooze from the bloated belly of a republic constituted on pillage.


Statement of Purpose


The Tax Abolition Society site will…


Argue and demonstrate the moral vacuity of taxation of all kinds.

Call for America to sever the pecuniary arteries of its various corrupt and bloated governments, and with that act once again begin to lead the world out of bondage.

Proffer a view of the world through the eyes of those no longer willing to accept forced indenture, who without exception claim their lives as their own and held without lien.

Bring news of tax battles from the front lines.  For these we must steel ourselves, for they will too infrequently offer respite or nepenthe for our anguish. Rather, they must most often serve as reminders of the freedoms past generations have cast into the sewers and the foul mission we must accept in order to retrieve them.

We should not treat our decendants as our most recent ancestors have treated us.

– William McAtinney


**The first recorded tax began six thousand years ago on a fertile plain between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers (now part of modern Iraq). Inscriptions on clay stones excavated at Lagash revealed not only the existence of a tax but why: to pay for a ferocious war.(From: http://www.howestreet.com/articles/index.php?article_id=6307)


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  1. Anyone who doesn’t like taxes will find a cornucopia of agreement at losthorizons.com

  2. this is good. I think people who really care about the information in this essay if they want to find a way to implement it, have to come to the realization that D.C. has outlived its usefulness to society a while back now. the real leaders of the populism described here have to consolidate in each sovereign state, dismantle D.C. entierly. and spend the next 5 years reconstituting the United States of America on solid modern, technologically current basis before it is too late. mind Patrick Henry once the beast is out of the box they locked there with the cost of their blood, it will only go back the same way.

    • i really like what you said there

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